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Corporate banking

The firm has five major departments under which several other subdivisions are created for effectiveness and better service.


Our expert advice and draft documentations covers banking practice and operation in all its ramifications, securities, asset finance, debt negotiation and restructuring and renegotiation ,advice on project finance, opening advice and negotiation of new market frontiers and legal aspects of e-commerce . Our practice also covers acquisition finance and general trade finance, loan documentations, recoveries and security disposals.
Our corporate practice covers a wide spectrum of corporate works including joint ventures and strategic alliances, corporate restructuring, private finance initiatives, takeover and management buyouts; privatization in its broad sense, international equity offering, and stock exchange floatation. We are presently involved in the  multi-million dollars  City Gate Hotel, Abuja, as consultant solicitors.

maritime & insurance

Our work covers documentations in respect of acquisition of vessels, drafting of charter parties, Insurance claims in collision, fire and explosion, salvage, total lost and stowage including crew settlement. We are actively involved in several marine practice applications and granting of berthing rights in the west coast and Africa sub-region. Our maritime practice also includes enforcement of mortgages, oil pollution claims, cargo claims, contracts of affreightment, maritime fraud, bills of lading and arrest of vessel. Also we have acted for parties in joint ventures and cross-border acquisitions and strategic alliances, share-holders agreements, domestic takeovers, both private and public and also multi-jurisdictional takeovers and buyouts.

real estate

As multi-specialist legal firm, we cover real estate financing as  solicitors in relation to leases and sub-leases, turnkey project finance, develop manage and Handover arrangements (DMH), and owned development and management(ODM).  Document procurement, structuring of payments, negotiations, mortgage arrangement both locally and internationally, rent collection and settlement of obligations. Our experience in this area has grown both locally and internationally within Africa, Europe and United State of America.

communication, oil & gas

Telecommunication as an area of our law practice covers a wide range of legal services including advice and draft documentations covering telecommunication services, drafting and preparation of interconnectivity agreements, full representation of telecommunication companies in contract negotiation with equipment manufacturers and suppliers and liaising with local communities and/or land owners in taking decisions that border on site location for base stations and co- location.
We are currently involved in high profile association briefs and have been nominated as solicitors to handle claims arising out of contracts both for and in respect of international and national airlines. Our track records cover disaster/accident claims and/or settlements, Aircraft purchase or acquisition; leases, facility construction contract and cross border operational licenses.
In our oil and gas practice we have worked for clients in upstream and downstream sectors including but not limited to procurement of exploration / production licenses and mining leases.
We have from time to time been called upon to give legal opinions on strategic engineering and constructions briefs. Our involvement with the G. Cappa plc and A.A. Oil Limited in the construction and financing of its multi-million Naira Oju-olobun Victoria Island complex is an example of our proven relevance in these areas.

arbitration, litigation & debt recovery


As alternative dispute resolution gain ground in Nigeria we have strengthened our ADR practice and we are well grounded in arbitral and mediation procedures, providing cost effective method of dispute resolution in a timely fashion.
Our litigation department is manned by experienced and seasoned court room litigators who are versed in civil procedures of all high courts, the court of appeal and the supreme court of Nigeria.
We have a special correspondence arrangement with firm of lawyers in world commercial centres of New York and London who in turn gave us referrals to clients coming to Nigeria.
As a matter of practice at least an associate and partner are assigned to every case here in Nigeria to ascertain that our response is quick and that our deadlines are effectively met while rendering personalized service at all times.