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Led by experienced partners, Lawhouse Partners believes in providing the highest quality service to our clientele by deploying intelligent professionals, highly trained support staff and modern business technologies to all briefs to ensure prompt service delivery and attainment of outstanding results for our clients.

Our track record speaks for itself, we count as our clients several organisations and bodies amongst which are Bureau of Public Enterprises, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Nigerian Communication Commission. We are members of Nigerian Bar Association, the international Bar Association, Institute of Chartered Arbitrators of Nigeria and Capital Market Solicitors Association ...see more              

Corporate banking and finacial services
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.Corporate Banking & Financial Services
Maritime & Insurance
Real Estate Investment
Arbitration, Litigation & Debt Recovery

Bright future for joint ventures (1)

SINCE the beginning of Gulf War II in 2003 or perhaps since United State led invasion of Afghanistan after the event of September 11, 2001, oil prices have been on steady rise. Presently, it is hovering around $60 per barrel. The rise in prices of crude oil, apart from the war in Iraq is traceable to two other factors; (a) rise in demand from the United State and china; (b) strain global productions and refining capacity.

First published in Guardian on Sunday of August 21, 2005... click here to read more

Nigeria 2005 oil and gas acreage
Compliance with the Enabling Law

The 2005 Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Acreage Bid Round has come and gone but has introduced many novelties too important to ignore by the stakeholders. Some of the new rules introduced by the ministry of petroleum resources may seem to make the bid more cumbersome but it shows that Nigeria is fast catching up with the rest of the word inembracing the best global practices in oil business and it also made the biding process more transparent... click here to read more.


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Communication, Aviation, Oil &Gas